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Sourcing Made Simple

Finally, job posts that source for you.


JobHive is the only job site that actively recruits from dozens of talent databases and reaches candidates from dozens of job boards. You’ll see better, and more talent with a single post. Bye bye placement fees and recruiter commissions.

Save Countless Hours

With a single click your job is posted to dozens of sites instantly. Even better, our elegant sourcing process identifies & reaches out to candidates not actively searching job boards.

Save 90% Over a Recruiter

Because JobHive reaches talent on and off job boards, you never have to pay placement fees again.

See Plans & Pricing

JobHive has plans & pricing for serious hiring teams of every size. Startup plans start at $95/mo. See pricing options here

Resumes with video cover letters.


Watch Dave William's video cover letter, who was recently hired on JobHive for Shift or read the full case study.

JobHive introduced the video cover letter to the world and it’s setting a new standard for how companies are hiring. In fact, 4 out of 5 candidates hired on JobHive applied with video.

They’re so easy to do

Applicants apply to your job with a 60-second off-the-cuff video via smartphone or webcam, or go above and beyond and upload a produced video. Meet candidates without ever scheduling an interview.

They make pre-screening instant

Applications with video cover letters give you a quick snapshot of each candidate instantly. You won’t interview too many or too few applicants, because you have more than just a piece of paper to gauge fit.

They tell a better story

It's amazing what candidates will do with 60 seconds. Measure soft skills, passion, enthusiasm you won’t find in a resume. Video cover letters empower candidates with the opportunity to stand out, not blend in.


Simple tracking for hiring harmony

Tracking and moving candidates through a hiring funnel is simple with JobHive. No more importing, exporting, or using multiple tools to make a hire. Your whole team can participate and be up to speed instantly.

Get social buy-in

“Like” candidates to quickly gauge which are favorites, just like you do on social media. Leave comments for your co-workers on applications, and easily move candidates through stages with your hiring team.

Communicate clearly

Message candidates directly from your team inbox so no one is ever left out of the loop. Each hiring member can clearly see the latest communication, eliminating missed emails and lost messages.

Build a talent network

Move applicants through stages as you get closer to making a hire. Reference applicants from open or closed jobs and build a network of talent to refer back to as you continue to grow.