JobHive is hiring, made simple.

Hiring the old way

Hiring with JobHive

Sourcing Made Simple

Finally, job posts that source for you.


JobHive is the only job site that actively recruits from dozens of talent databases and reaches candidates from dozens of job boards.

Save Countless Hours

Your job is automatically posted to dozens of sites instantly. And then we identify & reach out to candidates not actively searching job boards.

Save 70% Over a Recruiter

Because JobHive reaches talent on and off job boards, you never have to pay placement fees again.

JobHive has plans & pricing for hiring teams of every size starting at $95/month.

Resumes with video cover letters.


JobHive's video cover letter is setting a new standard for how companies are hiring. 4 out of 5 candidates hired on JobHive applied with video.

They’re easy to do

Applicants apply to your job with a 60-second video via smartphone or webcam. Meet candidates without ever scheduling an interview.

They make pre-screening instant

Video cover letters give you an instant snapshot of each applicant, resulting in a smaller, more qualified pool of candidates.

They tell a better story

Measure soft skills, passion, enthusiasm you can't gauge in a resume. Empower candidates with the opportunity to stand out, not blend in.

JobHive has plans & pricing for hiring teams of every size starting at $95/month.


Simple tracking for hiring harmony

JobHive makes staging and moving candidates through a hiring funnel simple. No more importing, exporting, or using multiple tools to make a hire.

Get social buy-in

“Like” candidates to quickly gauge which are favorites, and leave comments for your co-workers on applications. Just like you do on social media.

Communicate clearly

Hiring team members can easily view or participate in any communication with applicants in the team inbox, eliminating forwarded and missed emails.

Build a talent network

Applicants from open or closed jobs are archived for future reference so you can build a network of qualified talent as you continue to grow.

JobHive has plans & pricing for hiring teams of every size starting at $95/month.

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